Dürkopp PFAFFTrading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

Dürkopp PFAFF Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd ( for short DAP Shanghai ) belongs to the Shang Gong Group Co., Ltd., is a Chinese-foreign joint venture primarily engaging in sewing equipments. It was formally established in April, 2006 after being approved by the Shanghai foreign investment committee. Its registrationplace is in Pudong new area,  with registered capital of 6,000,000 US dollars, among them 60% from Shang GongGroup Co., Ltd and 40% from Dürkopp Adler AG in Germany. It mainly engages in sales of sewing equipment, clothing machinery of the Germany brands Dürkopp Adler,PFAFF and KSL, other related electromechanical devices and the above commodity related thing, spare parts, import and export and other adequate and systematic service like correlation technique consultation and service etc. The Company completed in wholly owned acquisition of DAP Hong Kong and DAP Singapore in September 2014, it’s mainly responsible for market development, product promotion, information transmission, after-sales service etc.in China and southeast Asia.

Address: No.1566,Xinjinqiao Rd, Shanghai 201206,China





Address: No.1566,Xinjinqiao Rd, Shanghai 201206,China